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Column formwork rental Lico


Column formwork Lico  - lightweight formwork for columns with a section from 20x20 cm to 60x60 cm and a step of 5 cm.

With the help of additional straps, it is possible to form pylons with a cross section of up to 60x130 cm.

All elements are carried by hand, the connecting elements are fixed on the frames, which prevents them from being lost. 



Corrosion protection:

* the availability of sizes and the number of formwork elements check with our managers

There is

square, rectangular

0.5 m

80 kN / m2

from 20 cm x 20 cm to 60 cm x 60 cm

Column section:

Extension elements height:

Maximum pressure 

poured concrete :

Columns with cross-section:

Column height:

up to 8.1 m in 50 cm steps


building up elements,  working platform

Rental price 1  columns

* for regular customers a flexible system of payment by installments; only cashless payments

from 200 UAH / set day

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