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Development of a project for monolithic construction

     Technological engineers of the company  LLC "VOSTOK-ENGINEERING"  on the basis of working drawings and technical specifications issued by the customer, within the agreed time frame, they will develop a project for the construction of a monolithic object of any complexity in compliance with all construction and technical standards and taking into account your wishes for equipment and economic component.

     The goal of any project is to determine the amount of formwork that builders need to implement their plans. The formwork should not be too small, so that the teams do not sit idle. There should not be too much formwork so that it works all the time, and does not lie useless. The formwork project helps to find the golden mean.

     Taking into account the vast experience of design, recommendations are given for the rational use of formwork, improvement of technology and organization of formwork.

     When designing the formwork, great attention is paid to ensuring the safety of the work. To solve this problem, together with the formwork installation project, the customer is given the technological requirements for working with the formwork, which make it possible to study the features of safe work during the assembly and installation of formwork elements on the working horizon and are the basis for the development of the work production project by the customer.

     The cost and timing of project development depends on many factors, such as the size of the object, the complexity of the structure of the object, etc., and is calculated individually for each customer.

     Based on the project, a specification is drawn up for the assembly and shipment of equipment from the warehouse.


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