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Rental of panel board formwork system Trio



The versatile TRIO system for increased productivity and reduced working hours.
TRIO formwork with the traditional DW anchoring system shortens installation times.

Thanks to the BFD lock used for all connections, as well as many other system solutions, TRIO has successfully established itself on construction sites around the world. 

The only connecting element - the BFD lock - provides an easy and quick connection of the panels.
Optimization of the workflow with TRIO is achieved by a small variation of the panels, which can be used both in standing and lying positions.


Corrosion protection:

* the availability of sizes and the number of formwork elements check with our managers

There is

0.30 m | 0.60 m | 0.72 m | 0.90 m | 1.20 m | 2.40 m

2.70 m | 3.30 m

80 kN / m2

Anchor DW 15 or DW 20

Shield width:

Shield height:

Maximum pressure
poured concrete:

Mounting system:

Height of additional elements:

0.30 m | 0.60 m | 0.90 m | 1.20 m


MXP platforms, MXK consoles, TRiO access system, TRG 80

Rent price

* for regular customers a flexible installment payment system

 from 10 UAH / m2 day

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