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Rental of panel formwork systems Handset


Formwork System Handset  designed specifically for small areas, which reduces the high cost of formwork with timber and nails.

A small set of elements provides a high turnover rate for a single panel. All elements are light enough and can be moved by one person.

Handset formwork is designed for an admissible fresh concrete pressure of 40 kN / m².



  • Small set of elements
    3 element heights and widths allow for increased turnover of a single panel.

  • Lightweight panels
    Handset panels are easy to move by hand thanks to their light weight and ergonomically positioned handles.

  • One connecting piece - Handset clamp.
    The Handset is used for any panel connection. It is inserted from the right or left and is securely fixed after being brought into an upright position.

    Handset clamp connects:
    - ordinary joints of elements
    - joints of elements with a shift in height
    - external corners
    - internal corners
    - hinge corners
    - extended elements


  • Hole Locations for Ties
    An easy-to-use arrangement of tie holes inside the panels. No additional anchoring holes are required. Handsets adjust steplessly in both width and length offsets.



Corrosion protection:

* the availability of sizes and the number of formwork elements check with our managers

There is

0.15 m | 0.30 m | 0.45 m | 0.60 m | 0, 90 m

0.90 m | 1.20 m | 1.50 m 

40 kN / m2

Clamp Handset

Shield width:

Shield height:

Maximum pressure
poured concrete:

Mounting system:

Rent price

* for regular customers a flexible installment payment system

from 10 UAH / m2 day 

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