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Rent of panel board formwork system Domino


DOMINO lightweight panel-panel formwork for residential construction, infrastructure facilities, as well as for work inside already erected buildings.

1. Formwork for a wide range of applications;
2. Guarantee of a smooth and tight connection of the panels due to the use of a single piece - the DRS alignment lock
3. When pouring the foundation, anchor holes located above the ground minimize damage to the shield when installing the tie.
The DKS wedge lock provides an easy connection for formwork foundations with light loads of freshly poured concrete.
4. Installation without the use of lifting and transport mechanisms is possible.



Mounting system:

Maximum pressure
poured concrete:

Shield height:

Shield width:

Fastening system lock DRS

60 kN / m2


1.0 m | 0.75 m | 0.5 m | 0.35 m | 0.25 m.

There is

Corrosion protection:

* the availability of sizes and the number of formwork elements check with our managers

Rent price

* for regular customers a flexible system of payment by installments; 

 from 10 UAH / m2 day

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